About us

Update: We are sad to announce that we have discontinued work on moolahgeeks. Our recommendations will no longer be updated and should not be relied on.

moolahgeeks was a project born of a genuine desire to help people navigate the complexities of personal financial management and we are immensely proud of the work we did.

We were true to our mission of deeply analyzing the market and identifying only the best financial products for our customers. It was gratifying to hear from the many customers who loved and appreciated what we did. Thank you!

At moolahgeeks, we find the best personal finance products and services for everyone. We test, analyse and evaluate hundreds of offerings and recommend only the very best. And you don’t have to take our word on what’s best. We show our work so you can decide for yourself if our recommendations are great for you. Our analysis process, product reviews and decision methods are all laid out clearly for you to examine.

Our goal is to make it simple and efficient for you to manage your finances. We read the fine print and do the numbers so you don’t have to. We don’t just stop at reading the marketing copy of a product. We open accounts, we transact, we pore through personal finance books and forums, we go over the latest in academic research. All so that you are not surprised by hidden costs or poor service from your financial institution.

We also create guides to help you decide which financial decisions are important for your stage of life and how to make those decisions. Think of us as your geeky nephew, wise uncle, finance professor all rolled into one.

The products and services we recommend are the ones we would buy for ourselves and our loved ones. The guides are what we wish our kids, friends and parents would read and follow. We set up moolahgeeks because we wanted this advice but couldn’t find anyone who would give it to us.

The important bit

moolahgeeks is a reader supported website. This means if you like our recommendation and buy a product or subscribe to a service from a link on moolahgeeks, we may sometimes, but not always, receive a commission from the provider.

This is a common model in financial services and often creates an incentive to recommend expensive or inappropriate products that generate more commission. This is known as a conflict of interest and is a big problem for customers like yourself.

We, at moolahgeeks, want your trust above all. We believe recommending the best product for you, even if it means getting a smaller (or zero) commission today, is the right thing for our business in the long term. A bad recommendation today means you won’t come back to us the next time you need to find the best service. It means you won’t tell your friends and family about us.

Therefore we are committed to do whatever it takes to ensure the objectivity of our recommendations. Today we deal with this by prominently explaining that this conflict exists and by transparently explaining our recommendation process so you can judge for yourself. We also want to hear from you if feel any of our recommendations does not live up to this ideal.

About the Founder

Apoorv started moolahgeeks in Nov 2021 after 14 years with an EM Hedge Fund, investing in Banks and FinTech. Apoorv was excited by the FinTech revolution and the amazing products & services being launched everyday but felt the existing sources were not doing a good job of helping us choose the best ones. He decided to build a resource that he would love to use.