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UOB Visa Signature Credit Card

by Kshitiz V Sharma on

The Bottom Line

UOB Visa Signature Credit Card
Above Average But Not Great

10 UNI$ / S$5 on petrol, contactless transactions and overseas spends (including online). 1 UNI$ / S$5 on all other spends.

Monthly Spend S$1K S$2K S$4K S$6.5K S$10K
Net Reward Yield 2.1% 2.5% 2.5% 2.0% 1.6%
Est. Monthly Reward (S$) 20 45 95 125 160
All-Singapore Rewards Rank* 20 9 5 7 16
Within Bank Rank* 5 5 3 4 5
* Based on est. net reward yield for more than 70 credit cards in Singapore, for each monthly spending level. Read about how we calculate the net reward yield here & here.

The UOB Visa Signature gives effective rewards of 5.60% on petrol, all contactless transactions and on foreign spending (including online), capped at 4,000 UNI$ per month or about S$112.

All other spending earns 0.56% with no monthly caps.

Overall, we estimate you can earn a reward yield of 1.6-2.5% on all your spending with this card in a month.

Those are above average reward yields but not good enough to be the best for any level or category of spending.

Additional gifts like complimentary travel insurance and some vouchers are fine but not good enough to put the UOB Visa Signature over the top.

The Rewards

Card UOB Visa Signature
Card Type Rewards
Reward Features 10 UNI$ / S$5 on:
– Foreign spending including online
– Petrol
– Contactless transactions

1 UNI$ / S$5 on all other spends

Reward Caps UNI$4,000 / mth.
Other Rewards & Benefits – Complimentary Travel Insurance of S$500,000

– S$100 GrabFood voucher for UOB Visa Signature Supplementary Card

– S$6 off with min. S$80 spend on Shopee

Preferred Redemption Method Convert to KrisFlyer Miles @ 1 UNI$ = 2 KrisFlyer Miles on the UOB Rewards site.

Avoid cashback option as it earns S$0.01 – 0.02 / UNI$.

Converting to KrisFlyer Miles earns S$0.028 / UNI$^ or nearly 40 – 140% higher.

Fee for Points to Miles Conversion S$26.75
Minimum Points for Conversion to Miles 1500*
* Due to the conversion fee of S$26.75, converting a smaller number of points to miles is uneconomical.

^ Assuming S$0.014 / KrisFlyer based on our estimates.

Fees & Charges

Card UOB Visa Signature
Income Criteria S$50,000
Annual Fee S$214
Min. Annual Credit Card Spend
for Fee Waiver
Supplementary Card Fee S$107 (2nd Card onwards)
Interest Rate 26.90%
Foreign Currency Markup 3.25%
Cash Advance Charge 8% or S$15, whichever is higher
* First year fee is not waivable.

The Best Credit Cards in Singapore

The Maybank Family & Friends Credit Card is the best cashback card for most people in Singapore. It has the highest cashback rate of 8% on 5 spending categories of your choice and also the highest monthly cashback cap of S$125.

We estimate you can earn a net reward yield of 3.0 – 4.8% with this card on monthly spends between S$800 – 4,000.

The KrisFlyer UOB Credit Card is the best rewards card in Singapore for most people. You can earn up to 3 miles per dollar spent with this card on dining, travel & online fashion and 1.2 miles per dollar on most other transactions.

We estimate you can earn a net reward yield of 2.5 – 2.8% on all your spending with this card.

The Citi Cash Back+ is the best cashback credit card if you spend more than S$6,000 a month on your card. Its cashback rate of 1.60% with no caps, overall or by category, is one of the highest in Singapore.

Learn more about which is the best card for you by reading our pieces on the best rewards card, the best cashback card and the best card combos in Singapore.

If you drive, consider our piece on the best card for petrol and if you’re a travel bug, read about the best card for travel.

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