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Deal of the Week – 31 Oct 2022: SRS Investing with MoneyOwl

by Apoorv Trivedi on
Deal of the Week

Investing under the SRS Scheme is great way to reduce your tax liability if you have funds for long term investing. If you don’t need those funds immediately, the tax savings are definitely worthwhile.

Last few months of a year are the best time to take advantage of this scheme as it allows you to use the funds all year and still get full tax relief.

From now through the year-end (31 Dec 2022), MoneyOwl is offering up to S$500 in FairPrice vouchers to the first 400 customers who complete a one-time top up of their SRS accounts. The promotion is available to both new and existing customers of MoneyOwl.

The funds must stay invested in the account through Feb-2023 i.e. only for 2-4 months, for the customer to be eligible for the vouchers.

SRS funds invested through MoneyOwl Rewards
$5,000 – $9,999 fresh funds invested $30 FairPrice E-vouchers
$10,000 – $49,999 fresh funds invested $80 FairPrice E-vouchers
$50,000 – $199,999 fresh funds invested $150 FairPrice E-vouchers
≥$200,000 fresh funds invested $500 FairPrice E-vouchers

While Endowus is our preferred Robo-Advisor for CPF / SRS and Cash Investments, we think MoneyOwl is also a solid choice.

It offers a very similar product as Endowus – low cost, passive and globally diversified portfolios for all your funds – and does so for a competitive fee.

So if you haven’t already set up your SRS account, now is a great time to get started.

MoneyOwl - SRS Promotion
Up to $500 in FairPrice Vouchers for SRS Top-up

MoneyOwl offers low cost, passive and globally diversified portfolio for deploying your SRS Funds.

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