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Sapphiro Credit Card by ICICI Bank

by Kshitiz V Sharma on

The Bottom Line

Sapphiro Credit Card by ICICI Bank
High Fee, Low Rewards Overall

4 reward points / ₹100 on foreign spends, 1 point on utilities, insurance & fuel payments and 2 points on all other domestic spends.

Monthly Spend ₹5K ₹10K ₹20K ₹50K ₹100K
Net Reward Yield -5.5%^ -2.5%^ -1.0%^ 0.8% 0.9%
Est. Monthly Reward (₹) (275) (250) (195) 415 935
All-India Rewards Rank* 340 343 356 166 142
Within Bank Rank* 35 35 37 9 13
* Based on est. net reward yield for nearly 400 credit cards in India, for each monthly spending level. Read about how we calculate the net reward yield here.

^The negative figure means at this level of monthly spends, the rewards earned in a year will be worth less than the annual fee.

The Sapphiro Credit Card gives 1% effective reward on foreign spending, 0.25% reward on utilities, insurance & fuel payments and 0.50% on all other domestic spending.

Overall, including milestone rewards, we estimate you can earn a net reward yield of 0.8-0.9% on monthly spending above ₹50,000 with this card.

The Mine Credit Card is the best credit card from ICICI Bank for most people.

Sign up for the PRO 49 plan if you are spending less than ₹20,000 a month on your card. The PREMIUM 149 plan is best if you are spending between ₹20,000 – 50,000.

You can earn a net reward yield of 1.4-1.8% on all your spending with this credit card.

If you are spending more than ₹50,000 a month on your card, the Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card is the best option from ICICI Bank. We estimate you can earn a net reward yield of 1.2% with this card.

Our list of the best credit cards in India, at every spending level and from every bank, is here. You can find a detailed discussion of our methodology here.

The Rewards

Card Sapphiro Credit Card
Card Type Reward
Reward Features 4 Reward Points / ₹100 on Foreign spends

2 Reward points / ₹100 on all domestic spends

1 Reward points / ₹100 on:
– Utilities
– Insurance
– Fuel categories

Milestone Rewards – 4,000 Reward Points on annual spending of ₹4 Lacs

– 2,000 Reward Points on every ₹1 Lacs ( After ₹4 Lacs )

Other Rewards – 4 Complimentary Domestic Airport Lounge Visits / Qtr ( On min. spend of 5,000 / Qtr )

– 2 Complimentary International Airport Lounge Visits / Qtr

– 2 Complimentary Domestic Airport Spa visits / Year

– 4 Complimentary Golf Rounds / mth.

– ₹500 off on second movie tickets on BookMyShow

Rewards Redemption Fee ₹99
Reward Caps Unlimited
Preferred Redemption Method Cashback against statement balance

Fees & Charges

Card Sapphiro Credit Card
Joining Fee ₹6,500 + Taxes
Annual Fee ₹3,500 + Taxes
Min. Annual Credit Card Spend
for Fee Waiver
₹6 Lacs
Income Criteria Salaried N/A
Self-employed N/A
Supplementary Card Fee Free
Interest Rate 40.80% p.a.
Foreign Currency Markup 3.50%
Cash Advance Charge 2.50% transaction amount minimum of ₹300
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