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Yatra SBI Card

by Kshitiz V Sharma on

The Bottom Line

Yatra SBI Card
Only for Dedicated Customers

6 reward points / ₹100 on dining, departmental stores, grocery & entertainment, 1 point on all other spends. Special discounts on bookings at

Monthly Spend ₹5K ₹10K ₹20K ₹50K ₹100K
Net Reward Yield (-0.2%)^ 0.6% 0.6% 0.5% 0.5%
Est. Monthly Reward (₹) (15) 60 115 250 500
All-India Rewards Rank* 172 102 153 226 229
Within Bank Rank* 24 12 32 59 57
* Based on est. net reward yield for nearly 400 credit cards in India, for each monthly spending level. Read about how we calculate the net reward yield here.

^The negative figure means at this level of monthly spends, the rewards earned in a year will be worth less than the annual fee.

The Yatra SBI Card gives 1.50% effective rewards on dining, grocery & entertainment, 0.25% on all other spends.

Overall, we estimate you can earn a net reward yield of 0.5-0.6% on monthly spending above ₹10,000 with this card.

The CASHBACK SBI Card is the best credit card for most SBI Card customers. We estimate it offers an average net reward yield of 1.9-2.3% on all your spending.

The SBI Unnati Credit Card is the best entry level card, if you spend less than ₹10,000 . It offers a net reward yield of 0.3-1.1% with this card on all your spending.

Our list of the best credit cards in India, at every spending level and from every bank, is here. You can find a detailed discussion of our methodology here.

The Rewards

Card Yatra SBI Card
Card Type Reward
Reward Features 6 Rewards / ₹100 on:
– Dining
– Departmental Stores
– Grocery
– Entertainment

1 Rewards / ₹100 on all other spends

Milestone Rewards Nil
Other Rewards ₹1,000 off on Domestic flight bookings(Min. Txn ₹5,000)

₹4,000 off on international flight bookings(Min. Txn ₹40,000)

20% off on Domestic Hotels(Max discount ₹2,000)

Rewards Redemption Fee ₹99
Reward Caps 5,000 reward point p.m. on Departmental Stores, Grocery, Dining, Movies & Entertainment
Preferred Redemption Method Redeem rewards at

Fees & Charges

Card Yatra SBI Card
Joining Fee ₹499 + Taxes
Annual Fee ₹499 + Taxes
Min. Annual Credit Card Spend
for Fee Waiver
₹1 Lacs
Income Criteria Salaried N/A
Self-employed N/A
Supplementary Card Fee Free
Interest Rate 42.00%
Foreign Currency Markup 3.50%
Cash Advance Charge 2.50% with a minimum of ₹500
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