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The Best Domestic Helper Insurance in Singapore

by Apoorv Trivedi on
Domestic Helper Insurance

The Bottom Line

Etiqa’s eProtect maid Insurance – Plan A is our pick for an entry level domestic helper insurance policy.

It meets all the requirements set by the MOM, is the 2nd cheapest of all the plans we looked at and Etiqa has the highest customer ratings of all non-life insurers in Singapore.

DBS Chubb’s Maid Protect has identical coverage and cost a mere 40¢ more than the eProtect. It wasn’t our top pick as customer ratings for DBS Chubb are lower.

However if you need to post a bond with the Philippines embassy, DBS Chubb will be the cheapest option for you.

FWD has a policy add-on that allows you to get the 6 monthly medical examinations done for S$25 each, as long as you get the examinations done at FWDs network of clinics. This could be a great deal if you are able to reach these 11 clinics conveniently. You can get this add-on even if you don’t buy the policy from FWD.

MSIGs MaidPlus Classic and MaidPlus Premium offer the best value if you wish to get higher hospitalization coverage for your domestic helper.

India International Insurance’s Maid Bond Package – Standard is the cheapest domestic helper insurance policy we could find in Singapore.

Everything we recommend

Our pick
Etiqa ePROTECT maid
Low price and great ratings

Etiqa's eProtect maid Insurance - Plan A is one of the cheapest domestic helper insurance plans and Etiqa has great customer reviews.

Also Great
DBS Chubb Maid Protect
Low price and great value on add-ons

DBS Chubb Maid Protect comes great prices for Bond Protector & Philippines Embassy Bond add-ons

Best Enhanced Covers
MSIG MaidPlus Classic & Premium
Great value for higher hospitalization cover

MSIG's MaidPlus Classic and Premium policies offer the highest hospitalization covers for a low premium

Cheapest Policy
III's Maid Bond Package
Cheapest by a mile

India International Insurance's Maid Bond Package is the cheapest basic domestic helper policy in Singapore

Who this is for

If you employ a Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW or domestic helper), the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) requires you to buy a medical and personal accident insurance plan for them.

These insurance policies typically also help post a S$5,000 bond with MOM, which can be called if you or your domestic helper violates any condition of her employment in Singapore. This feature was included in all the policies we looked at and recommend.

You need to buy this plan whether your domestic helper is new to Singapore, transferring to you from another employer or you are renewing her contract.

If you’re looking for an insurance policy that meets all the MOM requirement and provides the best value, this post is for you. We also look at the best enhanced policies that provide increased cover for certain risks e.g. hospitalization.

How we selected

We explored 34 Domestic Helper insurance policies offered by 14 insurers in Singapore.

We collected more than 25 data points for each insurer. This included collecting prices, going through terms and conditions in the policy documents and combing through customers reviews on various websites.

Most insurers offer policies with 3 levels of protection, although some offer only 1 or 2. We collected prices for all the tiers and classified them as the small, the medium and the large plans, corresponding to the level of coverage offered.

For instance, Income’s Basic policy was classified as small while their Standard and Enhanced policies were classified as medium and large respectively.

We then collected the level of protection offered by each insurer for the 5 main risks they cover – hospitalization, personal accident, outpatient expenses for accidents, 3rd party liability and repatriation.

Table 1: Sample of Risk Coverage Levels by Insurer

Insurer TIQ Great Eastern India
Policy eProtect
Plan A
Plan B
Maid Bond
Price (S$) 208.77 278.20 169.50
Hospitalization (S$) 15,000 15,000 15,000
Personal Accident (S$) 60,000 60,000 60,000
Repatriation (S$) 10,000 10,000 10,000
Outpatient (S$) 1,000 2,000 1,250
3rd Party Liability (S$) 5,000 50,000 5,000
Cost of:
– Bond Protector (S$) 38.50 53.50 50.00
– PH Embassy Bond (S$) 35.00
Source: Company Websites on Nov 17, 2022

Since the minimum coverage levels have been specified by the MOM, the cheapest policies by all insurers typically just fulfill those requirements and are effectively identical. There were some minor differences for some of the entry level policies but we did not feel they were meaningful.

So, if you are looking for an insurance policy that fulfills all the MOM requirements and nothing more, you should just consider the cheapest domestic helper insurance policy offered by each insurer.

To differentiate between these entry level policies, price and the quality of service, especially the claims experience were the only two relevant criteria for us.

To assess the quality of customer service and claims experience we used the average review ratings for each insurer on Seedly and Google Maps. On both sites, there were hardly any specific reviews of the domestic helper insurance product.

Instead we relied on the ratings for each insurers travel insurance product, where a larger number ratings were available.

We felt that since it’s the same company and customer service team handling both products, the overall experience for you should not be very different.

We preferred insurers with more ratings since a score based on very few ratings could be unreliable. While this was a very important criteria for us, we found most insurers offering cheapest domestic helper insurance were also highly rated.

This was different from travel insurance where the cheapest providers did not have great reviews for the most part.

Table 2: Customer Reviews and Ratings

Insurer # of
on Seedly
# of
on Google
Income 529 4.50 553 3.80
FWD 198 4.30 610 4.40
Tiq Travel 166 4.70 101 4.00
MSIG 141 4.40 8 4.50
DBS Chubb 52 3.70 409 3.90
Singlife 51 4.40 229 3.00
AIG 33 4.10 125 2.20
Sompo 28 4.10 122 2.90
HL Assurance 19 2.50 937 4.40
AXA 19 4.10 191 2.30
Allianz 14 2.50 379 4.00
Great Eastern 12 4.50 395 3.90
DirectAsia* 9 3.80 281 4.10
Tokio Marine 6 4.70 119 3.60
Ergo 5 4.40 10 1.80
Starr 3 1.00 60 2.40
UOI 21 2.00
Source: Seedly & Google Maps

We also preferred the rating on Seedly over the rating on Google Maps. This was because reading through the reviews on both sites, we found Seedly reviews were much more focused on claims experience while Google review were more focused on the purchase experience.

Finally we looked for the best combination of low price and a high customer satisfaction score to pick the best entry level policy.

Enhanced policies If you would like to get higher coverage than what the entry level policies offer, you can look at the enhanced (or as we call them, medium & large) policies from different insurers.

To understand which enhanced policies offered the best value, we calculated how much cover you get for each dollar of premium paid. We calculated this for each of the 5 major risks covered and ranked each policy on this metric.

We then converted these rankings in to a composite score for each policy. To calculate this score, we gave much more weight to their rankings for the hospitalization and personal accident covers and less weight to the outpatient injury and 3rd party liability covers.

Why? This was based on our subjective assessment of the severity (i.e. size of expense) and frequency of the likely claims in each category.

In other words we think you are much more likely to need a Hospitalization claim than a 3rd party liability claim. An outpatient injury claim is likely to be smaller than a hospitalization claim and so get a lower weight in our ranking.

We preferred Insurers and policies with higher composite scores. As with the entry level policy, we also filtered out insurers with low or few customer ratings or Seedly and Google.

The Best Entry Level Domestic Helper Policy

Etiqa’s ePROTECT maid Insurance – Plan A is our pick for an entry level domestic helper insurance policy.

It meets all the requirements set by the MOM, is the 2nd cheapest of all the plans we looked at and Etiqa has the highest customer ratings of all non-life insurers in Singapore.

Etiqa also has the cheapest Bond Protector add-on at only S$38.50. In case you or your domestic helper are found to violate the term of employment by the MOM, this add-on limits your liability to only S$250, instead of the entire S$5,000 bond.

Most other insurers charge S$50-60 for this add-on.

DBS Chubb’s Maid Protect also has identical coverage and cost a mere 40¢ more than the ePROTECT. It wasn’t our top pick as their customer ratings are lower.

However, if your domestic helper is from the Philippines, you may need to post a S$7,000 bond with the Philippines embassy in case she needs to renew her passport or return on home leave.

DBS Chubb has the one of the cheapest add-ons to help you post this bond for S$40.93. Most other insurers charge S$60-80 for this add-on.

Etiqa does not offer this add-on, so DBS Chubb’s Maid Protect would be your best bet if you need to post this bond.

Table 3: Risk Cover of Entry Level Policies

Insurer TIQ DBS Chubb India
Plan A
Maid Protect
Maid Bond
Price (S$) 208.77 209.19 169.50
Hospitalization (S$) 15,000 15,000 15,000
Personal Accident (S$) 60,000 60,000 60,000
Repatriation (S$) 10,000 10,000 10,000
Outpatient (S$) 1,000 1,000 1,250
3rd Party Liability (S$) 5,000 5,000 5,000
Cost of
– Bond Protector (S$) 38.50 45.47 50.00
– PH Embassy Bond (S$) 40.93 35.00
Source: Company Websites on Nov 17, 2022

The Cheapest Entry Level Domestic Helper Policy

India International Insurance’s (III) Maid Bond Package – Standard is the cheapest domestic helper insurance policy that we could find. It was nearly 20% cheaper than the next cheapest option, the eProtect Plan A by Etiqa.

While this policy also meets all the requirements set by the MOM, we were unable to find many customer reviews or ratings for India International.

Their About Us page says they were formed by the merger of 5 state owned Indian insurance companies and it appears they are still managed by these companies.

We don’t have fond memories of our past interactions with customer service at state owned companies in India. Therefore we did not prefer the Maid Bond Package – Standard.

However the III has been operating in Singapore since 1987 and has a General Insurance license from the MAS. Their domestic worker insurance policies are covered by the Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme.

The Best Policies for Enhanced Coverage

The best policy for you with enhanced coverage depends on which risks are you most concerned about. There was no single enhanced policy that provided great enhanced coverage across the board.

We think MSIGs MaidPlus Classic and MaidPlus Premium offer the best value. These are among the cheapest plans in the medium and large categories. MSIG also has the 2nd best customer reviews after Etiqa.

Table 4: Risk Cover of Enhanced Policies

Insurer MSIG MSIG AIG Income
Policy MaidPlus
Superior Enhanced
Price (S$) 291.04 333.84 350.92 333.78
Hospitalization (S$) 30,000 50,000 15,000 15,000
Personal Accident (S$) 60,000 60,000 60,000 80,000
Repatriation (S$) 15,000 20,000 10,000 10,000
Outpatient (S$) 2,000 3,000 2,000 3,000
3rd Party Liability (S$) 10,000 20,000 100,000 75,000
Cost of
– Bond Protector (S$) 42.80 42.80 64.79 51.36
– PH Embassy Bond (S$) 64.20 64.20 70.00
Source: Company Websites on Nov 17, 2022

Both these plans offer higher hospitalization cover than most other plans in their category. The MaidPlus Premium has the highest hospitalization cover of any plan we compared, at S$50,000.

An add-on policy, just to increase the hospitalization cover to this level cost more than S$200 at most other insurers. That’s S$200 over and above the premium you pay for the base policy.

However the MaidPlus policies from MSIG do not have very high covers for 3rd party liability and outpatient injury treatment.

If you are concerned about those risks, consider Income’s Enhanced plan which offers a S$75,000 3rd party liability cover for a relatively low price. AIG’s Superior plan is a little more expensive and has a S$100,000 cover for 3rd party liability.

Income’s Enhanced plan has the highest Personal Accident cover of S$80,000 while HL Assurance offers the highest cover of S$4,000 for outpatient injury treatment.

6 Monthly Medical Examination Add-on from FWD

Most insurers only allow you to buy add-ons if you are buying the insurance policy from them. FWD allows you to buy these add-ons even if your policy if from another insurer.

They offer 3 such add-ons. The most interesting add-on is for covering the cost of 6 monthly medical examination.

FWD 6ME Package
FWD's Medical Examination Package
independent add-ons
Add-on with any insurer's policy

If you’re willing to use FWDs network of clinics, you can get the examinations done at S$25 each. These examinations can often cost more than S$40 even at neighbourhood family clinics, so this is a great option if you have a network clinic near your house.

There are only 11 clinics where these examinations can be done and this fee only includes the basic tests. Chest X-ray or HIV tests are charged separately if needed.

Their Philippine Embassy Bond add-on costs S$60.75 at the time of writing. While not the cheapest, it’s a good option if your insurer does not offer this add-on for e.g. Etiqa.

However, if you do need this, your total cost will be lower with DBS Chubb as they only charge S$40.93 for the add-on with their policy.

The outpatient coverage in all domestic helper policies only covers treatment for accidental injuries. If your helper needs to visit a clinic for any other reason, you must pay out of pocket.

FWD also offers an outpatient medical expenses add on, priced at S$81.47.

This add-on requires you to visit only their panel of clinics for treatment. Even then, you must pay the first S$10 and any amount over S$40 in the total bill. FWD only covers S$30 after the first S$10 on each visit.

The total claims on this are also capped at S$500 over the 26 month policy duration.

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